What if developers could access design system information such as design tokens and components with code snippets right from their code editor?

Giving designers a fast path to production Flutter code.

Joining Adobe in 2015 as a Product Manager on the XD team

Improving on what developers fear the most: losing time!

  1. Aayla Anderson…

Valuable recommendations I wish I knew when I started my Product Management career years ago.

The #AdobeXDKit I put together over the last couple of months

Update #1, January 15, 2019:

To thank our amazing #AdobeXD community, personally, this time around I was able to create two nice #AdobeXDKits to give away.
If you want to learn about the details and rules, just read the original post below.

  1. NickFitch @Nick_Fitch who tweeted…

Demian Borba

Maker & Learner. Product Manager with experiences as Instructor, Designer, Developer and Community Manager. Working on Adobe XD since 2015.

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