Self-talk: a powerful tool to lead you to the best version of yourself

Pactto Cast Episode 1 (full recording on YouTube)

“That’s never happened. I don’t want to be a skateboarder. I want to be me. I don’t want to be a basketball player. I don’t want to be a podcaster. I want to be me. And instead of saying I want you to be excited about this, I think it’s a special thing to be excited at all.”

“it wasn’t that they were excited that I was excited about skateboarding, but it was that they were excited that I was excited at all.”

“Success and progress aren’t linear. I was all in! I moved to California and would have had to move home if I failed. It was very clear when it wouldn’t work anymore, so I fought to make it work.”

“instilling enough confidence to know that no matter how many times you get hurt that, even if it was your fault, that time, you’re not a bad person, you failed you’re not a failure, you did a bad thing you’re not a bad person. Combatting shape and instilling confidence and a sense of self.”

“Set the big goal first, and then define smaller steps along the way to actually make it happen.”

Consistency is imperative to allow for growth, and “grass will grow where you water it.”

“I talk to myself a lot. Why are you here, what do you want, who are you, what’s going on, are you okay, making sure that it’s for me.”

“You shouldn’t carry the burden of your existence on your shoulders every day and then let your actions determine whether you’re worth anything.”

One of his most powerful tools is his candid self-talk to remind himself who and where he is at the moment.

His inner voice is what keeps him focused, present, far from distractions, and closer to the success he seeks.



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