What if developers could access design system information such as design tokens and components with code snippets right from their code editor?

Design system information exposed directly in Visual Studio Code, with code hints on the left and full searchable documentation on the right, powered by DSP

New design system packages released

Last year saw the release of several great DSPs, such as Adobe Spectrum DSP, Streamline Icons, and Bootstrap 5, as well as powerful integrations with…

Giving designers a fast path to production Flutter code.

Joining Adobe in 2015 as a Product Manager on the XD team

Improving on what developers fear the most: losing time!

Tweet with the poll

Mom (Ana Paula), Noah (1), Maya (5) and myself (dad)

  1. Aayla Anderson Aayla Anderson who used Twitter to create the following reply:

Valuable recommendations I wish I knew when I started my Product Management career years ago.

Illustration: Justin Cheong.

The #AdobeXDKit I put together over the last couple of months

Update #1, January 15, 2019:

To thank our amazing #AdobeXD community, personally, this time around I was able to create two nice #AdobeXDKits to give away.
If you want to learn about the details and rules, just read the original post below.

  1. NickFitch @Nick_Fitch who tweeted: https://twitter.com/Nick_Fitch/status/1069438101620166657
  2. Aaron Michael @iamAMF who tweeted: https://twitter.com/iamAMF/status/1062460015464787968

Demian Borba

Maker & Learner. Product Manager with experiences as Instructor, Designer, Developer and Community Manager. Working on Adobe XD since 2015.

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